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Tao Hui at The Breeder

Updated: Mar 25, 2020


Courtesy of the artist & The Breeder

THE BREEDER is pleased to present emerging Chinese artist Tao Hui’ s first solo exhibition in Greece. Tao Hui’s work investigates the theatrics of everyday life both fictional and real. Presented in the gallery’s ground floor Joint Images consists of ten videos. We hear their protagonists sometimes in despair, others in sorrow or emotion as they experience moments of emotional tension, while we view a parallel televised world. With melodramatic disposition the work examines the possibility of a universalized experience, as we all face collective stimuli through new technologies and the Internet. The artist questions the relationship between the core of society and its peripheries, through the ideas and values that unite us, and those that divide us. The Dusk of Tehran, which is exhibited in the basement of the gallery, was made during Tao Hui ‘s residency in Tehran in 2014. It re-contextualizes the words used by famous pop stat Anita Mui (1963-2003) who had a huge career in Hong Kong and East Asia, to address her fans in her highly personal farewell performance, delivered wearing a bridal gown, a month before her death. The inner theatre of Mui’s romantic dreams, regrets and sadness at the seemingly arbitrary nature of life are re-told through a young Iranian actress as she travels in the backseat of a car, dressed as a bride. The romantic realism of the speech adopts a political poignancy as the car passes through the streets of Tehran. In Acting Tutorial we follow a performance workshop where actors are practicing scenes of tension and passion. The bare set and lack of equipment brings the expressions and emotions in the foreground, while the collectiveness of the experience is culminated in a surreal scene of catharsis.

Duration : 19.04.2018 - 19.05.2018

Hours : Tues - Fri: 12:00 - 20:00

Sat : 12:00 - 18:00

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