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Michael Grieve, The Foriegner [sic] at Float.

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

ferocious urbanites ferociousurbanites

Courtesy of the artist & Float

"It started at the end, on top of Mount Zalagh. In the medina's labyrinth the pungent odour of stale death, rapidly superseded by the waft of spices and then perfume; the rich and complex array of aromas, superficial and yet profound." Michael Grieve

'The Foriegner [sic]' represents a real journey in time, derived from an inner experience, and manifested with documents taken from the phenomena of the outside experience. The photographs fuse that gap and construct another reality. And so the story unfurls of the protagonist photographer who is foreign to himself and to everything external to him. He breaks free into unknown and unstable waters, sure only of his uncertainty.

These photographs are fragments that express a sensibility rather than a description and tell an arbitrary story, of the protagonists need to connect with his reality, encountering desire, love and loss. This significance is felt rather than seen as the mood sets the scene. Impossible to truly grasp, these photographs merely conjure the apparition of substance, with an uncanny vision tempered with a direct, sensitive and unflinching eye. Reality is the raw material base, illuminated and charged with mundane beauty and unfathomable ugliness that presents itself every day and night.

Lands traversed are the Greek islands, Turkey, Poland, Germany, Morocco, France and Britain. Stages preset to play out a six year period of wandering in a mid life crisis. This story is unique and purely subjective yet universal to all who dare to take a risk.

sic erat scriptum, thus as it was written.

Exhibition opening : April 19/04 at 17.00

Duration : Opening: 19th of April, 7pm19 April- 02 June

Hours : Wed-Sat13.00-19.00





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