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TextMe_Lab:Spoons in Hair, Wings on Glasses, Sounds on Notebooks

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

One of the most unknown figures of the dadaist scene, Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven aka the Baroness, whose work was widely made available in 2015, is for some the “grandmother” of performance art. Combining groundbreaking language, provocative performance and a bohemian lifestyle, the Baroness is one of the most eccentric figures of 20th-century art. In the context of #TextMe_Lab, Sofia Bempeza will present a talk focusing on the work and biography of the Baroness, while Alex Demetriou will present a laboratory for the exploration of the expressive means of Dada. Also in the framework of this tribute, there will be a series of sound versions of the Baroness’s poems titled Holding Tail With Mouth that was released in 2016 by the Athens-based label Fytini, edited by Sofia Bempeza and Filtig. Join us at our Dada Workshop and the album release/presentation of 'Holding Tail With Mouth: Poems by the Baroness' on Sunday October 23rd! 5-8pm.: Hands-on Dada workshop with Alex Tsoli (EN/GR) 8:30-10:00 μ.μ. Talk about the Baroness (GR) by Sofia Bempeza and album presentation ____________________ ***Registration: If you want to participate in the workshop, please write to or to FB Alex Tsoli. We'd like to know the turnout in advance so we can prepare accordingly!!*** In this workshop we will celebrate 102 years since the birth of Dada! - as much as we can in 3 hours :) We'll talk about what Dada means to us, we will make Dada poetry, clothes and everything else we want, and in the end we will have a small performance for the audience that will come later (it is not mandatory to participate in the performance if you are shy). We would like to ask the participants to bring items from home, such as clothespins, wood, magazines, dolls, old computers, clothes, textiles, ironing boards, cables, garbage, stalls, railings and other such useful items that we will share and use for our Dada creations. Come, it will be fun! We speak English, German and Greek. If you do not speak any of these languages very well, come regardless and we will find a way to communicate together! ____________________ Sofia Bempeza is an artist and art theorist. Her work focuses on the political in the field of art, gendered identities and the concept of labour in the context of art and knowledge production. She is a board member of Shedhalle Zürich and has worked as a lecturer at the University of Arts in Zurich (2011-2017). Alex Demetriou (aka Tsoli) is a curator and performer who operates between Berlin and Athens. In 2016 Alex co-curated the LGBTQI Outview Film Festival, Gender Fest in 2017, and was a member of the DIY performance festival Sound Acts in 2015 and 2017. Alex works as a translator and subtitlist in film productions and festivals such as the Berlinale and the Berlin Porn Film Festival. _____________________ #TextMe_Lab is a series of events curated by researcher Fil Ieropoulos. It includes lectures, discussions, workshops, and residencies of artists and academics at Atopos. Some of the main points of interest of the programme are 20th century visual poetry, word and screen relationships, spoken word and the boundaries between poetry and sound art, as well as modern linguistic phenomena in online pop culture and new media. As part of the Athens 2018 World Book Capital With the support of Athens Culture Net Educational sponsor: IEK AKMI Sponsored by KTIMA EVHARIS CITRUS #TextMe #TextMe_Lab #Athens2018 #Atopos #AtoposCVC

Date & Time: 12 May | 17.00 - 22.00

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