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Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Athens Photo Festival 2018 will be on view until 29 July, at the Benaki Museum (Pireos St. Annexe). Athens Photo Festival 2018 enters dynamically its fourth decade of presence in Greece's photographic scene, and for another year it is a leading player in this summer’s cultural agenda, inviting photography lovers and aspiring artists to celebrate together. The festival’s focus is on contemporary photography, exploring and criticising current political and ideological issues, through the lens of 76 acclaimed and rising artists from 28 countries. The program includes photo exhibitions featuring artists and curators from different countries as well as a set of actions - presentations, training programs, portfolio reviews, speeches and parallel events that promote dialogue and active participation. Featured artists MAIN EXHIBITIONS 2018 Boris Loder [DE], Emmanuel Tussore [FR], Michel Lamoller [DE], Gidon Levin [IL], Petros Efstathiadis [GR], Daniel Everett [US], Nikolas Ventourakis [GR], Margarita Yoko Nikitaki [GR], Amy Elkins [US], Diego Moreno [MX], Nina Berman [US], Tomaso Clavarino [IT], Marco Marzocchi [IT], Erik Gustafsson [SE], Justin Maxon [US], Miki Hasegawa [JP], Jessica Wolfelsperger [CH], Nina Röder [DE], Jaakko Kahilaniemi [FI], Χiaoyi Chen [CN], Stelios Kallinikou [CY], Tania and Roman Synchrodogs [UA], Vanja Bucan [SI], Yukari Chikura [JP], Alexei Siozov [GR], Paulina Otylie Surys [PL], Viktor Koen [GR/US], Cherine Fahd [AU], Jonny Briggs [GB], Miyoung Kim [KR], Yorgos Yatromanolakis [GR], Christiane Peschek [AT], Mari Masouridou [GR], Marie-Pierre Cravedi [FR], Anni Hanén [FR], Charlotte Mano [FR], Yurian Quintanas [ES], Reinis Lismanis [LV], Marvin Leuvrey [FR], Yorgos Karailias [GR], Yannis Karpouzis [GR], Yorgos Prinos [GR], Pavlos Fysakis [GR], Alessandro Calabrese [IT], Paolo Cirio [IT], Alexey Shlyk [BY], Viacheslav Poliakov [UA], Andrew Miksys [US/LT], Igor Popov (Samolet) [RU], Kirill Golovchenko [UA], David Denil [BE], Basile Mookherjee [FR], Miguel and Jan-Christoph Hahn and Hartung [DE], Tommaso Protti [IT], Leonard Suryajaya [ID], Ole Witt [DE], Cyril Porchet [CH], Harit Srikhao [TH], Sanne De Wilde [BE], Misha Vallejo [EC]. YOUNG GREEK PHOTOGRAPHERS 2018 Ioanna Sakellaraki, Eva Besleme, Konstantinos Gdontakis, Giannis Manolis, Maria Lumibao Hernandez, Alexandra Riba, Klavdia Balampanidou, Ilias Lois, Ilias Liatsopoulos, Dimitris Kechris, Spiros Soueref, Ioustini Drakoulakou, Natasa Kantemiri, Catherine Chatzidimitriou, Michael Almiroudis.

DURATION: 6 June - 29 July, 2018 OPENING HOURS: Thursday & Sunday 10:00 - 18:00, Friday & Saturday 10:00 - 22:00



Photography at | +30 210 9211751

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