Exhibition Review: Data Garden by Kyriaki Goni

By Foteini Vergidou.

Plants are cool. Having plants is cooler. But now, artist Kyriaki Goni brings a far more interesting suggestion to the table. How about plants that can also be a hard drive?

What data would we choose to store there and how would we value them? What would be important to preserve and how our relation with nature would be affected, if a process like that would be adopted?

Kyriaki Goni Foteini Vergidou Ferocious Urbanites
Film still of “Data Garden” (2020). Courtesy: Kyriaki Goni

One thing is for sure, though; storing data in the DNA of a plant is an act of refined resistance against surveillance. Nowadays, surveillance capitalism shapes our culture in ways many people oversee or simply don’t know. Mega platforms, like Google and Facebook, monitor and control everything and every aspect of our lives without us having a chance to see what data is being collected from us. With her show Data Garden