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DIONYSUS IN ‘21 | A Photographic Group Exhibition at KYAN ATHENS

In ancient Greek mythology, Dionysus was the god of wine and joy, of insanity and

chaos, and appealed to emotions and instincts.

The photographic group show “Dionysus in ‘21” collects works by 14 Greek based photographers that document instances of joy, community, sexual freedom and hedonism, with the

condition that these were shot in the summer of 2021. As Greece went through a particularly

strict lockdown during last winter and spring the longing for a summer that would resemble

pre-covid times inevitably grew.

“Dionysus in ‘21” asks the photographers to make sense of their own feelings, experiences

and expectations, and to deliver documentation of special moments from their months post-

isolation. The result is an heterogenous portrait of contemporary Greek youth culture that

composes of naked bodies under the sun, house party shenanigans and instances of queer


Curation: Katerina P. Trichia and Spyros Rennt


Maria Alexopoulou

George Mufatsa Athanasiou

George Kanis

Dimitris Lambridis

Joana Loka

Alexandra Masmanidi

Chris Plaitis

Spyros Rennt

Evan Sake

Theodora Savvalaridi

Peggy Theodorogianni

Panos Tsomakos

Myrto Tzima

Konstantinos Vakidis 358

Poster designed by Antonis Kalagkatsis

Photo: Theodora Savvalaridi

Spyros Rennt, KYAN ATHENS, Ferocious Urbanites, Ferocious Athens,
Courtesy of Spyros Rennt

Joana Loka, KYAN ATHENS, Ferocious Urbanites, Ferocious Athens
Courtesy of Joana Loka

Panos Tsomakos, KYAN ATHENS, Ferocious Urbanites, Ferocious Athens
Courtesy of Panos Tsomakos


KYAN Athens,

60 Emmanouil Benaki Str. Exarheia

Opening: 25.09.2021 19:00 - 22:00

Duration: 26.09 - 30.09 16:00 - 20:00

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