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Examples of a Manual / Konstantinos Lianos Solo Exhibition at Grace

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

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Grace presents the first solo exhibition of Konstantinos Lianos, titled Examples of a Manual. The exhibition includes mixed media paintings and sculptural installations which investigate the fragmented experience of the contemporary subject’s exposure to the plethora of visual information. Through shards of visual narratives, Konstantinos uses the discrepancy between those narratives and a concrete message, and the distortion of standardised elements of visual communication in order to form a deliberate delirium. His work aims more at making prominent a primal effect caused by the phenomenon of contemporary communication, rather than defining a concrete position on it. The exhibition is accompanied by a text by the writer Ari Morgenstern Läsarson, which transforms the form and the explanatory technique of a manual into a parallel narrative based both on the works displayed and on the commonalities between his and Konstantinos’ practice. Konstantinos Lianos was born in Athens in 1990. He graduated from ASFA in 2016. In 2017, he founded the artist-run space KEIV. He has organised and contributed to exhibitions and artistic projects both in Greece and abroad.

Opening: Thursday 14 March 20:00-23:00 Duration: 15.03-17.03 and 20.03-24.03 Opening Hours: Thursday, Friday 17:00-21:00 Saturday, Sunday 14:00-21:00 Wednesday 17:00-21:00



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