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Exhibition: Songs Of Clay | Shila Athens



Inspired by the primordial nature of clay and its timeless aesthetics, Shila Athens presents 14 Greek and international artists who explore the profound connection between the organic process of ceramic art and contemporary cultural production.

songs of clay, shila athens, ferocious urbanites, ferocious Athens

Participant Artists: Diane Alexandre, Elina Belou, Despina Charitonidi, Mara Desipris, Anna Karountzou, Mugly.NYC, Nasia Pavlidou, Panos Profitis, Camille Romagnani, Terpsichore, Yiorgos Trichas, Kleopatra Tsali, Giorgos Tserionis, Venetia Sacred Young.

Curator: Eftihia Stefanidi

‘Songs of Clay’ forms part of a series of ephemeral, site-specific interventions held at Shila Athens that inspire new dialogues between contemporary art, design and interiors, while proposing an alternative viewing experience to that of the white cube.

For the first time since its launch, Shila Athens opens its doors to a sensory journey throughout its spaces, where ceramic art comes to the foreground.

The exhibition celebrates the serendipitous connection between the organic process of contemporary ceramic creation – one of magnificent and versatile textures and hand molded techniques – and the 1920s neoclassical building evoking peeled layers of time and tactile materiality.

A selection of Greek and international artists has been invited to interact with Shila’s distinct environments through the placement of their work in the hotel’s rooms, salons, corridors, and exteriors. Delicate sculptures and abstract figures that range in expression from the whimsical to the sacred take on new meaning in Shila’s interiors, revealing the versatility of the work.

All works are available for sale through the hotel’s shop, Shila Maison d’Objets.

‘Songs of Clay’ is inspired by the possibility that the objects themselves might have voices and stories of their own, and yet partake in a spontaneous chorus throughout Shila’s evocative milieu.

This time-sensitive, immersive installation – lasting only 48-hour –acknowledges the transformative and yet often fleeting encounter with beauty.

Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the ceramics, accompanied by an imaginative selection of Eminente Cocktails inspired by the exhibition. Expression through art is at the heart of Eminente Rum's philosophy.

songs of clay, shila athens, ferocious urbanites, ferocious Athens

songs of clay, shila athens, ferocious urbanites, ferocious athens

Ph: Courtesy of Shila


Dates & Times

Monday 15th November

19.00 – 22.00

Tuesday 16th November

12.00 – 22.00

RSVP for attendance or private tours to

Press & Private Tour requests:

Location: Mantzarou 10, Kolonaki


In order for visitors to access the exhibition it is required to present a valid Covid-19 vaccination certificate, a certificate that proves recent recovery from the virus, or a negative rapid test or PCR test within 48 hours, in accordance with the provisions of the Greek Government regulations. The entrance to the venue is permitted only with the use of a mask and by keeping the distances both during the attendance and during their stay at the exhibition and according to the instructions of EODY.

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