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Horizon is an odd place at NOTUS studio

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Horizon is an odd place The limit of our perception reaches the point where the sky meets the earth. The horizon defines the width of the visible. The limit defines an understanding of the world, time, place, but also one’s self. In The Poetic of Space Bachelard claims that space is immense, for the world is not only defined by the real and the tangible, but also by a world beyond it, the world of imagination. "Dreaminess" smashes the natural boundaries, beyond which each trivial point becomes significant, paving the way for the unknown and the unfamiliar. The body is the delimited space, experienced by one’s self. A body disciplined and political according to Foucault, constructed biopolarly according to Davis, gendered and performative according to Butler. The limits of the body, fluid and variable, give rise to a "place of contingency". Within a vast space, the socially shaped body configurates the identity of one’s self. The delimited space, which is experienced through the body and the mind, politically and socially charged, operates as an asylum with every possible connotation: a sacred, inviolable space, but also an enclosed, restrictive one. On one hand, the demolition of the limits - of the body, space, identity - through a state of “dreaminess” is a postmodern claim, but also a personal responsibility towards freedom. On the other hand, preserving conscious frames turns out to be a shield of protection. The body, in its physical substance and its mental perception, within the natural and imaginary space, is an arena of conflict. Suffocated bodies, bodies that are freed, enclosed spaces, boundaries that sometimes lock and delve deeper and some other times collapse and vanish, regularities that crash one’s will and desire, the rupture that is essential after alienation... Life is a condition physically experienced... a condition that can be perceived also beyond the horizon. Opening: Thursday 14th of March 2019, 20:00 Duration: 14 March – 6 April 2019 Opening hours: 15, 20 - 23 March 18:00-21:00 or by Appointment Finissage: 6th of April 2019, 20:00 Participating Artists: Niki Gulema, Tatiana May Kallergi, Marina Papadaki Curator: Antigone Pogiatzi


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