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IT'S A SHIRT | The seductive notion of sustainable fashion

By Aigli Andritsopoulou.

It's a shirt is a interdisciplinary project/brand based in Athens. It manifestates the values of slow fashion, natural colours, textures, artisanship, collaborations, humour , simplicity, openness, timelessness, gender neutrality. It desires to attract human beings who are concerned about the history behind a garment, yet also the values that engages. Each and every piece is produced in Athens of Greece under entirely sustainable conditions.

It is what it is, not just about two sleeves and a collar.

It. The third person of the personal pronoun which can refer to a person, a place, a thing, an idea.

Is. The verb 'to be' , portrays the existence, the identity of something.

A shirt. A garment which covers the upper part of the human body. It can be made of a light (or not) fabric, it might have a collar, buttons and sleeves.

Christina Christodoulou is a prolific designer based in Athens, Greece. She introduces us to her entirely eco-friendly, sustainable and social fashion project IT'S A SHIRT and the digital / physical realm of LAST SEEN FW19, full of pure materials and seductive aesthetics.


is neither a metaphor nor an epithet. It literally is the last time somebody saw you physically or 'caught' you active in the cyber space. Whether you realise it or not we are exposed with a timestamp next to our name, additionally anyone can check our digital activity during night or day. Taking this into consideration, it is worrying to what extent this mark is crucial, yet sometimes is even more important than our real presence.

In this context we wonder if artisanal creations can be truly appreciated in the digital world or is their value tarnished due to the fast pace and the lack of senses that exists within the virtual space. We attempt to express these thoughts through the textures the selected fabrics for this collection have. LAST SEEN embodies dead stock pure wool, velvet, raw cotton in basic unisex shirt shapes so you can dress yourself in the physical space to be seen and not to be forgotten".

Ph: Courtesy of IT'S A SHIRT



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