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Kalliopi Lemos, Bound at Atopos CVC

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Kalliopi Lemos’ new solo exhibition titled Bound opened on the 23rd of May at Atopos CVC in Athens.

The exhibition showcases for the first time Lemos’ new film Bound along with an installation of the same woven linen bandages carrying fragments of Greek poetess Sappho, that the artist introduced in 2018 in her solo show All is to be dared in Gazelli Art House, London.

These bandages become the main feature of the film, enabling the story between four people. Bound explores our internal boundaries, the ones we set for ourselves and limit our freedom. These bandages represent ideas, obsessions and desires that we embrace in life, sometimes becoming our own prison.

The exhibition will be enhanced with a parallel program of public talks and events, including a performance by acclaimed theatre director and actor Vasilis Papavasileiou on Thursday, the 30th of May.

Duration of exhibition: 16.05.19 – 21.06.19

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday, 11am - 6:30pm


Atopos CVC

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