Melissanthi Spei : the contemporary fashion artist

Updated: Feb 26

By Méri Charitonidi.

Melissanthi Spei is a contemporary fashion researcher/artist based in Athens and I can confidently state that she is one of the most talented people out there right now. Melissanthi has spent the first 10 years of her artistic career in the United Kingdom. She is a graduate of Fashion Design for Industry at the School of Textiles and Design of Heriot Watt University in Scotland, a graduate of Art, Media and Design at the University of Wales, Newport and she has also acquired her MA in Fashion Artefact at the London College of Fashion; today she runs the University of the Arts Alumni group in Greece while accelerating her practice and career. In 2017 she returned to her home country, Greece, and often has to answer the same question again and again: Why did she make the choice of coming back (?), to which she answers that “There is never a right timing to make a decision like this”. She clearly sees that “there is quite some prospect in this city, as the time seems right for young creators to evolve”. It is a fact, there is a lot happening in Athens at the moment and many Greek and International people do build their chances here from scratch, collectively or solely, but always in solidarity. So what is at stake? I guess time will show, as the global industry of arts and fashion is practically maneuvering around the new order of things, towards the endless horizon.