Did they kill the Internet? The Kyriaki Goni case

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

By Foteini Vergidou

Ferocious Urbanites Athens Art  Kyriaki Goni Interview
Courtesy of the artist | http://kyriakigoni.com/history/

Ph: Courtesy of the artist The photo is taken from the printed searched terms & images. The paper is printed with thermochromic ink forcing the imprinted data to disappear on its own time.

In 2017, when net neutrality was repealed from the FCC, the privacy of our data was marked as a lost paradise. The new broadband privacy rules require from Internet service providers and websites to share and sell our personal information, like our history data , for reasons beyond our will.

Net neutrality held its significance on the very concept of cyber-democracy, since it protected freedom of speech online, allowed equal access to all and preserved even treatment to all Internet traffic. Naturally, the way Internet has evolved, it has become part of our culture and plays a significant role in our definition of who we are.