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Neon Night Shopping at Neon Raum

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Neon Raum is a creative space in the center of Athens. Showroom for up and coming designers and a meeting point for creatives, Neon Raum is an open platform based on the idea of collaboration.

This Thursday afternoon Neon Raum invite us for groovy disco sounds by the one and only Iro Liatou. Shopping, music tunes, beer and finger food!

Sounds good doesn't it? *Designers* Cat Black The Dreamer Grannys Trip Razzmatazz KENO Jojo Blanc / Clothing Ασημόνειρα TheYawnChoker AKUA Handmade Swimwear Turritella underwear


TIME: 18:00 - 22.00



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