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Nuâge - Sixteen hundred miles

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

A mesmerising portrait of youth and tough love by Nuâge.

Written by George Zafeiropoulos and directed by Alexandros Papathanasopoulos.

After dropping a couple of teasers for her debut appearance, the musician Nuâge introduces her first synth-pop single ''sixteen hundred miles''. The video finds a broken couple at an oldie adventure park -played by both talented Elena Mengreli and George Zygouris - who are trying not to end their relationship in a bad way.

The song will be included in the fore-coming synth-pop/minimal synth/80s revival with a sense of disco album "sixteen hundred miles" which will be released in vinyl and in digital form.

This album itself is a dedication to a break-up, a loss and sticky chewed gums.



IG Nuâge

IG Alex Papathanasopoulos

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