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Platforms Project: 800 artists, 60 platforms, 17 countries

Platforms ASFA Ferocious Urbanites
Rajataide ry | Rajatila Galleria | Timo Bredenberg, Without Friction

How would you feel if you saw a work and the following day in its place was another since the first one would have been destroyed?What can someone expect from a group called the "Museum ofForgetting"? What are the hurting boats and why are we doing this? What is the art of everyday life,wandering and transformation? How are investments and transactions linked to art? How do art, its audiences, workshops and lectures, workshops and educational programs come together in one place?

The Platforms Project 2019 is getting ready to launch and the 800 artists and 116 volunteers will be delighted to welcome you from Thursday, May 16 to Sunday, May 19, 2019 to the“NikosKessanlis” Exhibition Hall of the Athens School of Fine Arts, the largest event so far in its seventh year.

To be held in ASFA for the second year, the seventh international exhibition Platforms Project brings together independent art platforms from around the world in an attempt to map artworks and current practices, as well as theoretical questions posed internationally.

60 art platforms from 17 countries flock to Athens for four days highlighting the global network that has been built and communicated throughout the year. This year's event continues last year's tradition, with 56 platforms, also from 17 countries, presenting their work, in front of 16,000audience.

POW WOW | Despina Nisiriou, Vocal

The Platforms Project is an international exhibition of independent artists that work together, which aims to create channels of communication and collaboration, to exchange projects and to promote artists internationally.

At this year's event, the parallel program is even more expanded, including parallel exhibitions of Greek and foreign artists,talks, with participating historians, theorists and art critics, academics,museum directors, artists, curators.AICA Hellas organises a meeting related to"The Role ofPublic and Private Bodies in Art Today", while Painting workshops 1st, 2nd, 6th, 11th, 12th and Sculpture workshops 1st and 2nd of ASFA will present student works. In addition, the educational programPlatforms Project for All 2019 is designed for children between 7 and 16years old from the Dutch platform EX-MÊKH, and the artist and art teacher Ellen Rodenberg, aiming to introduce children to contemporary art.

During the Platforms Project the children will be invited to create a mini space (mini stand-cube) with paper, pencils, colours, staples or glue.Also this year there is a space for performance art, where artists from Greece and abroad will present their works in different areas of ASFA. Of course, you should not miss thePlatforms Project party,which will take place on Friday, May 17, at 10 pm in PIRÉE (Kastoros 78, Piraeus, 185 45).

The project is directed by Artemis Potamianou and Michalis Argyrou. Artemis Potamianou is the artistic director of the Platforms Project 2019.

Sotiris Bazianas, Hurting Boats Platforms 2019 AFSA Ferocious Urbanites
Sotiris Bazianas, Hurting Boats


24hrs Project (Switzerland), A TRANS (Germany), AC Institute, NYC (USA), Alpineum Produzenten galerie Luzern (Switzerland), ArtCode (Greece), Artia Gallery (Greece), artflatform | elsewhere / kunstenaarsinitiatief | elders (The Netherlands), ASSOCIATION THEATER DIONYSOS ET APOLLON (Greece), ATHENS STREET ART FESTIVAL (Greece, France, Mexico), Αυτοβιογραφικά Συστήματα / Autobiographical Systems (Greece), Backspace (Greece), Bcademie (The Netherlands), Binary art group (Cyprus), Bureau d’Art et de recherche, Roubaix (France), Come alone (Greece & France), CUBE ART EDITIONS (Greece), DAILY TEMPORARY (Sweden, Spain), Darling Pearls & Co (UK), DAS ESSZIMMER - space for art + (Germany), Ed Video (Canada), EGO (Greece), EN FLO (Greece), EX-MÊKH (The Netherlands), Exit / Exit (Greece), flat1_offspace (Austria), Fragments of truth (Greece), Future Scenarios (The Netherlands & Greece), Galleri Konstepidemin (Sweden), H-M-S (UK), ID:I Galleri (Sweden), In Vivo (Greece), IS-projects (The Netherlands), ITSONLYARTS (Greece), KOΡEKT / CORECT (Greece), Kunsthalle Graz (Austria), Kunsthallekleinbasel (Switzerland), LaLa Art Group Greece (Greece), Library / L’briary Gallery (Canada), METAPOLIS (Greece), Museum of Forgetting/TILT (Sweden), Open Y @ (Greece), ORIZONTAS GEGONOTON (Greece), Patara Gallery (Georgia), Penelope's webs (Greece), POW WOW (Greece), Rajatila Galleria / Rajataide (Finland), SCOTTY (Germany), soft turns (Canada), Sub Rosa Space (Greece), Τα Καΐκια που Πληγώναμε - Hurting Boats (Greece), Technopaignion art group (Greece), THE M{}ESUM (Germany), TIDAL FLOW ART (Greece), Topp & Dubio (The Netherlands), TRANSFORM ART PLATFORM (Serbia), Und. (Greece), Unit 8 Cable Depot (UK), Various Artists (Belgium), Vita Zita studio (Greece), Wil Aballe Art Projects | WAAP (Canada) .

Platforms Project  ASFA Ferocious Urbanites
Platforms Project




Opening: Thursday 16 May 2019 at 19:00

Duration: 16-19 May 2019

Opening hours: 12:00-21:00


Athens School of Fine Arts

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