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Taqueria Maya || Original wild state of food

When we think of Latin American cuisine, we consider comfort food and handed-down recipes that give reasons to gather and enjoy meals together, usually accompanied by spirits originated halfway between Tijuana and Mexico.

In praise of Latin American culinary art, Taqueria Maya - located in central Athens - guides us through a journey to the tropical rainforests of Central and South American and the salty soil of the Caribbean.

Margaritas and tacos; life essentials during a lazy Sunday afternoon. The simple beauty of “comida latina” embracing flavours and the freshness of pure ingredients that get the fire started and keep things new and interesting, but so intimate.

The complexity of composition and taste has its roots in Native American culture, which is expressed through the passionate aromas of hot peppers, chilli, corn and beans constituting the original wild state of food.



Taqueria Maya

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