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TextMe_Lab:"TOPOS” by Antoinetta Angelidi | Hosted by ATOPOS CVC at Greek Film Archiv

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Ph: Courtesy of the artist & ATOPOS CVC

TextMe_Lab:"TOPOS” by Antoinetta Angelidi, hosted by ATOPOS CVC at Greek Film Archive Foundation

“TOPOS” by Antoinetta Angelidi Introduction by Rea Wallden plus Q&A with filmmaker The relationship between image and text has interested experimental filmmakers almost from the beginning of cinema. Different methods of combining film and language / poetry have been proposed and introduced as terms in various phases of the 20th century, such as the film poem, poetry film, film essay, the video poem, text film, etc. In each of these types/genres, filmmakers experimented with methods of combining verbal language and image, such as the use of text on the screen (a tradition that begins already in silent cinema and reaches its peak within fluxus films), the use of poetic voice over and spoken word (often with the poets themselves reading their own works), the idea of actual language translations to pictures, as well as the research of poetic forms in the cinema, ie the investigation of a concept of a more "vertical", lyrical filmmaking form that reminds of the tradition of modernist poetry. The film and poetry evening at the Greek Film archive concludes with a screening of the seminal piece “Topos” by Antoineta Angelidi. A few words abou the film from a text written by the filmmaker in 1985. "In unknown places one finds recognizable elements… Some paintings become references. Recognition of a world or its scattered elements that one already carries inside oneself but had not identified till then. So one starts constructing a world in one’s image. Fragments or layers of the past – light, colours, placements, faces’ movements, stories – reassembled. Time negates itself and yet the film provides many elements of temporality. Many layers of past, many layers of civilisation. The past is there in many ways and yet it doesn’t exist. Space is naked, alive, creating sensations. The perspective of the film is not a person’s viewpoint; it is the space itself who sees. The film’s space is the body, it breathes, sees, listens, grieves, responds. A series of parallel narrations by different elements of image and sound are weaved and conversing with each other. Associations are induced. The film writes itself, it changes, advancing its own writing. The film is the transparency of a journey, both as the narration of an experience and as the narration of its own construction. Around the moment of the difficult passage, are gathered the desires of the people who constitute the different faces of the woman in trial. One is obliged to create the world anew / one tries repeatedly to enter the paintings, entire pieces come out of them / faces are devoured following the geometry of sensations. One becomes a turbulent field. The voice dissolves into many voices and roles. From the fragments, from the image pieces, a new universe is formed. When the mechanism of memory is amended, the universe remains empty." ***The film will be screened in Greek with English subtitles ATOPOS CVC inaugurates the #TextMe project, a year of actions and events on books and text in media arts in the context of UNESCO’s ‘Athens 2018, World Book Capital’. #TextMe was an original concept by Atopos artistic director Vassilis Zidianakis. Within this context, researcher Fil ieropoulos has curated #TextMe_Lab, a series of lectures, discussions, screenings, workshops and residencies of artists and academics at Atopos. The projects will revolve around the thematic of using text in artistic forms and interdisciplinary language applications. Some of the main points of interest of the programme are visual poetry, word and screen relationships, spoken word and the boundaries between poetry and sound art, as well as modern linguistic phenomena in online pop culture and new media. -"TOPOS” by Antoinetta Angelidi- is the seventh event of #TextMe_Lab. Hospitality Sponsors: KTIMA EVHARIS CITRUS FIMI DRINKS Educational Sponsor: IEK AKMI Supporting Creativity: NEON With the support of Athens Culture Net Founding donor Stavros Niarchos Foundation As part of Athens 2018 World Book Capital #TextMe #TextMe_Lab #Athens2018 #Atopos #AtoposCVC


Admission Free

Saturday 16 June at 21:00 – 0:00




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