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[ thaw ] by Alex Papathanasopoulos

Glimpses of Iceland, caught on a 12-day journey through land and water.

[ thaw ] by Alex Papathanasopoulos takes us on a captivating voyage to the mystical beauty of Iceland, the land of fire and ice. Alex Papathanasopoulos is an up-and-coming prolific cinematographer working as a freelance director, editor and camera operator since 2013. His first joined venture into short film with script writer George Zafeiropoulos, "Beyond Good & Evil or (The exuberantly Painful Process of Teething)" got an "Honorary Mention" in Drama's 41st Short film Festival. In September 2019 "Beyond Good & Evil" was presented within the framework of the 24th Athens International Film Festival.

"Iceland will forever retain a special place in my memory for its natural beauty and unique geomorphology.

In the video below I tried to capture and convey the peculiarity of this place."

[ thaw ] :

Music by Aliki Leftherioti Colour Corrected by Dimitris Karteris


Bio | Alexandros Papathanasopoulos (b.1989, Athens GR) is a Deree College graduate (B.A. / Film & Television). His thesis, a short film (Locked in, 22') got first prize in the Deree Film Festival and as a result he was awarded an internship at the production department of Lowe & Partners Advertsing Company - Athens. "Locked in" also received the Short Film Audience Award of PIFF (Peloponnesian International Film Festival, 2012). In the summer of 2013 he attended the UCLA - Film & Television Summer Institute. Upon his return from the US he continued his professional career both as a freelance director, editor and camera operator in the field of advertising in close collaboration with DK Video Productions.

Watch the official trailer for Beyond Good & Evil or (The exuberantly Painful Process of Teething) here:

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