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This is not a feminist project [The party] at FRAU

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

1st year bd party at FRAU Cafe-Bar

This is not a feminist project is a multimedia online platform that links the historical past of the Women’s Movement in Greece with a variety of contemporary women’s stories via a living digital timeline. The project aims to raise awareness on female identity and gender equality issues, to offer wider access to an extensive collection of archival material and to provide space for further dialogue/interaction among diverse communities.

The party takes place at FRAU Cafe-Bar with the kind support of ALFA beer. This is not a feminist project's team will offer ALFA beer at low price, handbags and other material with George Triantafyllakos & Florentine Klinzing' s designs, printed with the help of their beloved Fuzz ink!

PS: There will be a box of financial support and the proceeds will be allocated for the implementation of the new actions of This is not a feminist project.

Tunes : Rrose Sélavy

Poster Design : George Triantafyllakos

Party starts at 21.00 | Free Entrance



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